For Marfeel publishing partners that have activated the Premium CDN Package, activating AMP pages as well is a quick and easy process. 

Depending on the CMS (content management system) a publisher uses, there are different, yet equally effortless steps to follow.

Publishers using WordPress

Publishers using WordPress just need to install the Marfeel AMP Plugin for WordPress. For a detailed tutorial, see the Activate AMP with WordPress article. 

Publishers using another CMS

Publishers using any other CMS other than WordPress, need to:

  1. Insert a tag resembling the following example with a link element pointing to the AMP pages, in the source code of every article they want activated as an AMP page. Publishers must also be sure to include /amp at the end of the article path.

    <link rel="amphtml" href="">

    Click here to find out how to verify that AMP has been correctly integrated.