Ad Validator is a proprietary tool engineered by Marfeel that is used to test ad tags that publishers want to implement in their Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA).

It was developed to accelerate the process of implementing a partner's ad tags in their Marfeel solution. It was also created to ensure that when a publisher's ads are implemented, they work seamlessly and contribute to the maximization of ad revenue that Marfeel delivers

How it works

  1. Marfeel partners send the ad tags they want implemented in their Marfeel PWA to their Customer Success Executives in an email. 
  2. The Customer Success Executive tests the ad with Ad Validator.
  3. If there are any issues with the ad or it requires the partner's collaboration, the Customer Success team will send the publisher a link for Ad Validator via email. Access the link to view the ad in Ad Validator. 
  4. The publisher can make any changes necessary to the code in the right-hand side to ensure the ad is working. 

    Only the script in the right field can be modified.

  5. Click Preview to view the changes implemented. 
  6. When the changes have been performed, click Send Changes to send the ad back to Customer Success to have the ad implemented in your Marfeel PWA. Customer Success will receive an automatic email to inform them that changes have been added and are now ready to be reviewed.