Only Billing users in Insight can view and change the billing information on record. 

The specific billing details that can be modified include the following:

  • Name
  • Country 
  • VAT Number (only populated for companies within the European Union)
  • Address
  • City
  • ZIP Code
  • Phone Number
  • Wire Transfer*
  • Paypal *

Any field that's greyed out such as Currency, Term, or Payment Plan cannot be modified because they relate to contract terms that were signed.  

For example, the ability to select the currency payment is received in, is stipulated in Section III of Marfeel's General Terms of Service.

*There are two payment options depending on the size of your media group. One of either a Paypal field or a Wire Transfer field are displayed that indicate where payments should be made. Regardless of the one you have, a Billing user can change either. 

To view or change your billing details:

  1. Click Billing Details under the Profile menu for the tenant you want to change your billing details for. 
  2. On the Edit Order Details page displayed, you can enter or select a new value in any of the white fields. 

    1. To change your Paypal account where payment is received, enter the new Paypal user email in the Paypal field. 
    2. To change the wire transfer account where payment is received, you need to modify the information in the Wire transfer field.  Enter the following information in each field displayed, according to this order:
      1. Bank Name
      2. IBAN
      3. Banking Code.
  3. If you edit any fields, be sure you tick the I accept Marfeel's General Terms of Service checkbox and click Submit

  4. After you've changed your billing details, send an email to to notify the Marfeel Finance team that changes have been made.