Apps must be loaded in a smartphone / tablet and then inspected from the computer.

Commit App Files

Do not commit cherokee folder unless you do create the cherokee app for the first time (does not matter if it is a demo or app, just commit it the first time it is created, not modified).

Debug Apps

Android devices can be inspected with Google Chrome. Allow Developers Mode in the device. Browse the device from chrome: chrome://inspect/#devices.

iOS devices can be inspected from Safari or using external soft GapDebug. Download gapdebug and install. Check config settings and connect your device. GapDebug can also inspect android based devices.

If debugging in Android, download Android Studio and SDKs.

Install & Run Apps in Device

Install an App in developer mode and open it.

A device must be connected. In terminal navigate to ./tenantFolder/cherokee and run '''nJinks'''. It creates folder target, move into it ./cherokee/index/target annd run '''cordova run operatinSystem'''. operatingSystem = android || ios.