Marfeel governs itself with the strong belief that maximizing a publisher's ad revenue should be carried out in a way that prioritizes and nurtures the reader.

Ads need to deliver value and relevance to an audience. They also need to fit seamlessly in a publication to promote an organic and fluid reading experience that drives recirculation.

Other industry leaders that collectively continue to redefine the mobile experience for the better, think the same. This list includes Google which recently announced an update to the behavior of certain display ads served through AdSense.

New behavior

To further optimize the user experience and prevent unintended actions from occurring, in very specific cases, users will be asked to confirm their desire to visit an advertiser's page when an ad is clicked. 

This prompt is delivered through a UI feature Google developed that directs the user to the advertiser's site if they confirm.

This only impacts publishers who have existing issues with invalid clicks or there is a high risk of accidental clicks. Not all publishers will be impacted; this is an automated system based on invalid clicks that are generated. 

For more information regarding the cases where this automated system might kick in, see Google AdSense's support article on Encouraging accidental clicks


The goal of this behavior is similar to Marfeel's: To continually improve a mobile experience that promotes and positively positions a publisher's brand, and ultimately leads to consistent ad performance and revenue growth.

For more information about this and other AdSense policies, see the Google AdSense Help page on Ad placement policies