PubMatic is an ad network that specializes in advertising for publishers. 

To connect PubMatic to Marfeel Connect:

  1. Click Systems in the side panel.
  2. Scroll down to the Add new connector section and click PubMatic.
  3. Enter your PubMatic account name and application token in the corresponding fields. 

    Your account name and application token can be retrieved from the PubMatic support team. 

  4. In the Website URL field, add the domain name for the corresponding ad placement whose revenue data you want to aggregate with Marfeel Connect, and then click Submit

    The placement refers to the specific ad placement you have registered in PubMatic.


    If there are multiple placements, a domain needs to be added for each one you want to aggregate to Connect. If the Website URL field is left empty, the placement will not be added. 

    The domain must be entered without the protocol and prefix (that is, www, http, or https). 
    For example: 

To get started with Marfeel Connect as the one-stop-shop for all your revenue streams, click here.