Rubicon is an ad network that enables publishers to sell their ad inventory through their online ad tech.

To aggregate Rubicon to Marfeel Connect:

  1. Click Systems in the side panel.
  2. Scroll down to the Add new connector section and click Rubicon.
  3. Enter your Rubicon API key in the Key field and the secret in the Secret field and then click Select
    Your API Key and Secret need to be enabled and retrieved from your Rubicon account manager by sending them a request via email - a service which is provided by Rubicon free of charge.
    The email to your Rubicon account manager should resemble the following:

    Dear xxxxxxxx,

    I would like to access my Rubicon API key and Secret to consume reporting data. Can you please enable it for me and provide it an email.

    For more information regarding your Rubicon API key and secret, see the API article from Rubicon.

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