A publisher's content needs to be branded. Marfeel embodies a customer's brand not only through the prominent use of a logo, but also through the strategic application of typography

A publisher always has a choice in the typography they'd like to use. Marfeel strongly recommends that changes only be applied to the font of headers and titles for various reasons. For a complete explanation, see the Typography article. 

Highly customizable content elements

At the content level, Marfeel can customize as many things as the publisher wants; how to display a quote, colors, author information, scrollable tables, etc. 

Marfeel can do this ad-hoc but there are also certain verticals to consider. For example, cooking sites have different needs than a traditional newspaper-type publication. A cooking site is consumed visually, whereas heavy text sites have visual elements but the interaction with their content is very different. 

Marfeel has a set of pre-built elements that allows it to re-use previous combinations to cater to a publisher's needs and identity.

Section mosaic

The section mosaic of a publisher's Marfeelized mobile site is very customizable. Marfeel provides numerous layouts to fit the specific needs of every publisher. For more information, see the Mosaic Layouts article.