Adding a type A or TO record to your GoDaddy account is needed to ensure that the certificate provided by the origin server is covered by the domain the request is going to. 

A type A record is necessary when pubishers use the APEX domain where www is not present. For example, instead of

To add a type A record to your GoDaddy account:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click the My products tab.
  3. Expand the Domains section.
  4. Click the DNS button for the domain you are activating Marfeel's CDN package for.
  5. Click ADD.
  6. In the Type field, select TO or Type A.

    Depending on the version of GoDaddy you use, only one of a TO or Type A record can be selected.

  7. In the Host field, enter For example, if your domain was, you would enter:
  8. In the Point to field, enter your origin IP address. 
  9. In the TTL field which determines how long the information should be cached for, leave the default option (1 hour) unless you have customized settings to define. 
  10. Click Save.