For partners, using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a CloudFront distribution can be set up to support AMP pages over HTTPS with a CNAME.

With this reverse proxy configuration, CloudFront performs the proxy tasks and caching. 

To set up a reverse proxy for AWS:

  1. Create a distribution on CloudFront for the CNAME and the appropriate SSL certificate.
  2. Create a web origin pointing to either or (depending the Marfeel domain you are on) with Origin Protocol Policy → HTTP only.
  3. Modify the default behavior settings to forward Headers → Whitelist → Host. 

Marfeel managed setup

Marfeel can also perform the set up on their end, however they would still need to manage the certificate with AWS. 

In this case, when Marfeel requests the certificate from AWS, AWS sends a confirmation email to the partner, that requires a response within 72 hours.