When partners activate their Marfeel Progressive WebApps (PWA), they gain the invaluable ability to send push notifications to users on their desktop site that subscribe to them. 

This ability ensures that publishers can reach their entire audience, no matter which device they're on, providing a consolidated functionality that can penetrate all their platforms - mobile, desktop, and native apps.

This feature is available to users running the Chrome browser for sites that are HTTPS compliant. For more information regarding why HTTPS is necessary for emerging technology and why all publishers should make the switch, see this article


Notifications are managed in one centralized system through OneSignal, the third-party provider Marfeel uses. This means the publishers also have access to common reporting to track the impact of their notification strategy and performance. 

For details on all the features and capabilities available with OneSignal, see the Push Notifications article. For more information regarding sending push notifications, see the Send Push Notifications with One Signal article. 

Subscribe to desktop push notifications 

The option to subscribe to desktop push notifications is embodied through an elegant and unobtrusive notification (bell) icon in the bottom-left corner of a publisher's desktop site. The actual process of subscribing is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks.

  1. When the user hovers over the notification (bell) icon, a message is displayed, encouraging the user to subscribe.
  2. When a user clicks the notification (bell) icon, a Chrome pop-up opens, prompting the user to allow the publisher to send and show notifications, confirming the subscription. When the user clicks Allow, they're subscribed and can begin to receive notifications from the publisher. 
  3. When a user is subscribed, a confirmation message is displayed and the notification (bell) icon shrinks and becomes less visible in the background. 

Unsubscribe to desktop push notifications

The steps to unsubscribe to desktop push notifications are just as effortless and simple as the ones performed to subscribe to them. 

To unsubscribe, users simply must click the notification (bell) icon and then click Unsubscribe in the pop-up displayed which prompts another confirmation message when the action is complete.