Part of the process for a new native app to be developed by Marfeel for a publisher, is to build a demo app the customer can review and validate or provide feedback on. 

The demo native application that's developed is identical to the one that will be registered in the Apple and Android app stores except for one difference - there aren't any push notifications.

When this demo app is completed and available for review, the customer receives a link from a Marfeel Customer Success Executive where they can download the app and provide any input or approve the final development.

To download and review a demo native app

  1. Access the link sent by the Marfeel Customer Success Executive with a mobile device running either an Android or iOS operating system. The link will resemble the following:

  2. If the customer is using an iPhone, the app must be trusted before it can be opened because it is being installed manually. To trust a Marfeel demo native app, follow Apple's Guidelines for Installing Custom Enterprise Apps on iOS

If you have any further questions, please contact the Marfeel Customer Success team at