Facebook Instant Articles (IA) are a mobile publishing format that provide fast-loading articles for distribution in the Facebook app. 

They decrease the rendering time of articles on the Facebook app by limiting the elements they load that are typically meant for desktop versions and create slow load times. 

For more technical details, see the Facebook Instant Articles website. 

Using Marfeel to set up Instant Articles

Along with your Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA) we can also establish the supported feed and configuration to push your articles to Facebook. 

Supporting the newest and best technologies and providing them to all our customers is something we're committed to. We want to deliver a comprehensive solution with continuous improvements that reinforces brand identity and coherence across all platforms your content is available.    

Using Marfeel to push your articles with Facebook IA to their app ensures that your content embodies the same user experience and brand across multiple channels, and provides you with advertising consistency. 

Moreover, having a multi-channel distribution strategy is key in terms of reader acquisition.

To optimize this, Marfeel follows a mixed strategy with lots of customers where articles are first pushed to the web, and a day later, appear on the Instant Article feed. This strategy facilitates customer acquisition without forcing the two platforms to compete and cancel each other out. 

To learn more about what it means to be a Facebook Instant Articles Partner, click here (link coming soon).

To get started publishing your Instant Articles with Facebook with Marfeel, contact us today.