Marfeel diligently takes all the necessary precautions to eliminate low-quality ads such as malvertisements or distasteful ads from being displayed on Marfeel-managed inventory.

For example, Marfeel has been a big proponent of ads.txt to help eradicate malicious practices from the ad-tech ecosystem and deliver more transperancy to the industry.

Marfeel also works with only the highest-quality and most trusted demand providers (ad exchanges, ad servers, and SSPs). However low-quality and malicious parties continually change their practices to game the system and sneak in low-quality ads.

To help Marfeel in the effort to eradicate low-quality ads in programmatic, if a partner spots an unwanted or malicious ad in their mobile site, they should send the campaign ID for the ad in addition to a screenshot to This enables Marfeel to track down the creative ID of the low-quality unit and blacklist it swiftly. 

How to find the campaign id

This example uses an ad that was served from Sovrn.

  1. Using Chrome, on the page where the low-quality ad is displayed, right-click in a blank space and select Inspect.
  2. Click the mouse icon in the top left corner of the inspect section.
  3. When the pointer icon is highlighted in blue, select the low-quality ad.
  4. The inspect element will highlight the relevant code of the ad call chain for the selected ad.
  5. Scroll up in the source code and look for the keywords sovrn, vap.lijit, adddelivery, and sovrn_banne_ins. These are guidelines just for Smart ad server - the strings and keywords to look from other SSPs will vary depending on the demand provider that served the ad.
  6. When you find the keywords, take a screenshot of the entire page including the ad call and web page if possible.
  7. When you hover over the ad call that corresponds with the low-quality ad, you should see the following:
    1. A - a JS code snippet in a black box.
    2. B - the low-quality ad that you selected highlighted in blue.
    3. C - the snippet of code that Marfeel needs.
  8. After you take the screenshot when inspecting the element, inspect the lines above the green Sovrn ad call and complete the following:
    1. Find <html>.
    2. Right-click <html> and select Edit as HTML.
  9. Select all the code and copy and paste it in the email you are sending to Marfeel at in addition to the screenshot you took in step 6.