Marfeel wants to make a wave in the blogosphere and rock the publishing world. 

Earn money by telling publishers and bloggers how Marfeel's ad-optimized mobile design boosts revenue and engages readers. 

Marfeel's Referral Bonus

Earn money for introducing a brand-new publisher or blogger to Marfeel.

Get paid when they become partners*:

  • Above 500K visits - Receive: €500
  • Above 1M visits - Receive: €1,000 
  • Above 5M visits - Receive: €5,000
  • Above 10M visits - Receive: €10,000

If you have a referral, visit to enter the program. 

You'll be paid directly after the publication has been live with Marfeel for a month.

*Terms and conditions: 

  • Visits means: total visits (sessions) in the Marfeel platform during a 30-day time period.
  • Visits will be validated 30 days after a referral has gone live. 
  • Amount will be paid 30 days after a publication has been live with Marfeel for 30 days. And after receipt of the corresponding invoice. 
  • Marfeel reserves the right not to pay the fee if the performance of the new publication falls below industry standards.