Marfeel is always investigating and innovating new and improved ways to optimize the mobile experience and enhance how publishers' content is delivered to their audience. 

Marfeel uses Fastly as their CDN (content delivery network) which allows them to employ the HTTP/2 protocol and enrich the performance, reliability, and global delivery of publishers' content. 

HTTP/2 is essentially the replacement for HTTP with several benefits that are not limited to a faster alternative to HTTPS with similar protection from carriers jockeying for position in the market

HTTP/2 advantages

The adoption of the HTTP/2 protocol allows Marfeel to support multiplexing that further improves the instantaneous page load times the Marfeel solution delivers and header compression that facilitates faster information exchange.  

One of the most appealing advantages to the protocol is that it offers performance improvements over secure connections, in addition to server push and the simplification of a host of functions like resource bundling, resource inclining, and delivery strategies that empower Marfeel and publishers with enhanced agility and performance. 

HTTP/2 support

The vast majority of leading browsers already support HTTP/2.