Marfeel is committed to the perpetual enhancement of their extensibility through third party embeds, extensions, and general widgets to optimize the way publishers deliver the relevant content they produce.

Most importantly, Marfeel's extensibility is engineered to enrich a publisher's content delivery options while promoting performance, smoothness, and security through the following practices:


Marfeel has extension points that are designed so extensions, widgets, and embeds are lazy loaded. This saves bandwidth and contributes to the outstanding performance Marfeel prides itself on delivering. 


Marfeel's extensibility ensures that extensions don't interrupt and impact UX throughout navigation so that an organic reading experience is always maintained.

Part of the way this optimal smoothness is achieved is through Marfeel's use of threaded execution when integrating the various extensions supported. 


Marfeel extensions are integrated with sandboxed iframes to optimize security. This ensures the framed content being provided by a third party doesn't have access to a customer's DOM and essentially heightens restrictions.

For more information regarding implementation details, activation codes, and considerations for each extension Marfeel supports, click one of the links below: