Numbers can tell you the truth, but only if you know how to read them. In today's digital media landscape, publishers are forced to work with different revenue streams, emerging programmatic techniques like Header Bidding, different traffic channels, etc. to maximize their readership and ad revenue.

Each revenue stream or data provider has different dashboards, metrics, and set of reports. With multiple revenue streams and data providers, it's a challenge to precisely understand your performance.

It can take weeks to evaluate final revenue and engagement metrics. Publishers usually have to log in to their different revenue streams, export their metrics, and then consolidate them in an Excel. This can be messy, time consuming, and prone to error. 

As the ecosystem continues to change and become more complex, publishers need the tools that remove the complexities and noise and replace them with simplicity so they can read the numbers the right way accurately measure performance.

That's why Marfeel developed Insight. 

Removing the noise

Insight, is a publisher's dashboard and gateway to understanding their site's performance for both engagement and monetization. It removes the friction of understanding revenue and engagement performance to provide publishers with a clear, normalized, and measurable indication of their performance. 

This is because Marfeel normalizes the metrics in Insight by calculating them from various sources in one centralized location under the same KPIs. This makes engagement and revenue metrics more digestible and understandable.

Most importantly, Insight is also where publishers will find their ARPU (Average Revenue per User). The power of ARPU is that it normalizes revenue increases for traffic. It takes traffic variances like spikes out of the equation to really understand performance. 

It helps publishers make better decisions, including when deciding to plug in new revenue streams or making any change to their site. When publishers make any changes to their site, this can impact revenue. Measuring only gross revenue is not indicative of the change's impact; only ARPU can really give you that insight. 


Insight also gives publishers the filters and ability to really drill-down into their performance and analyze from several key areas. 

This includes examining how they are performing based on country, traffic channel, or revenue stream to increase granularity and provide multi-dimensional visibility.

A powerful platform with powerful tools at your fingertips

Insight is much more than just a reporting dashboard. It is a dynamic platform that delivers many key features and functionalities to publishers such as the ability to send and measure their push notifications. 

This is evident in Insight's intuitive design and navigational flow providing everything a publisher might need to boost traffic or measure their performance, is front and center. 

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