Server-side device detection

MarfeelPress determines whether to show a user your Marfeel mobile site or your desktop version at the server level. It's a big reason why your site will be able to load in 0.7 seconds because assets meant for desktop won't be loading in backround, so speed is optimal. 


Image of Marfeel Pagespeed result or comparison of before and after Marfeel

GIF of entering URL in mobile and fast loading

Optimized media assets

MarfeelPress delivers content to your readers instantly with flawless quality because we optimize assets.

Using the latest in tech like WebP format for image and compression algorithms like Brotl, MarfeelPress ensures lossless compression while delivering peak performance.

No JS or CSS Dependency

To show a reader your content, Marfeel only needs the minimum CSS style sheets and doesn't rely on any heavy JS files to load. 

Users can start reading as soon as possible with only 40KB.

Points of presence all over the world

With servers all over the world, your content is delivered to your user from the closest place possible, reglardless of their geographic location. This ensures the blazingly fast speed Marfeel is committed to. 

No m. redirection

MarfeelPress doesn't redirect your users accessing your site with a mobile device to an m. (or mobile) site. 

Your site resides in the main domain, saving roughly 1-second of loading time and limiting the chance of non-responsive content.

Lazy loading

Images, video players, and widgets like Twitter and Facebook embeds are lazy loaded as the user scrolls.

This makes sure elements don't slow down your page speed prevent your users viewing content while they're being loaded.


Optimized resources

MarfeelPress optimizes JavaScript files with proprietary technology and reduces the number of times your users' requests have to go all the way to your servers.

This helps eliminate both layout thrashing and scroll jank (content jumping all around the screen when it's loadig or the user scrolls) to ensure a smooth and fluid reading experience. 

Asynchronous loading

Everything loads at the same time; there's no cascading or waterfall method. This means your users are never left waiting for content or load or suffer through unresponsive pages because blocking elements are removed and everything is loaded at the same time.

Lazy loading

By lazy loading most page assets like images, embeds, and ads, elements that might prevent your page from being rendered are removed so browsing and interacting with your content is seamless and fluid.



Besides providing a continuous, app-like reading experience, the swipe feature is what supercharges engagement metrics like pageviews and session time.

In addition to delighting users with the fluidity of swiping to consume content, added pageviews mean more impressions and of course, more ad revenue.

Insert quotes from case studies about engagement KPI increases

Image galleries

All the images from your site are aggregated in the image gallery from MarfeelPress. This is to leverage the swipe feature. 

When users access one image, they know they can swipe to see more. MarfeelPress leverages this learned user behavior and pattern to deliver a massive increase in engagement.

Video of swiping through image gallery


Getting users to your site is one part of the equation. Keeping them there for as long as possible is the other.

MarfeelPress comes with built-in strategies like article previews, deeplinked headers, and other tactics to recirculate users and keep them on your site longer.

Navigation menus

Multiple navigation menus come out-of-the-box when you activate MarfeelPress so your users have different options to find and consume more of your content, and register more pageviews. 


More money

Simply put, Marfeel has all the logic, infrastructure, and configuration with the industry's leading SSPs (supply-side platform) to make your ad space worth more and make you more revenue from advertising.


MarfeelPress lets you focus on creating great content and we take care of the rest.

The plugin comes packed with Marfeel's years of experience in ad tech, a dedicated team of data scientists and an optimal ad configuration tailored just for you to maximize your ad revenue. 

Dynamically placed ads

An in-house algorithm finds the best places to insert ads.

This not only increases the value of your ad inventory, it also boosts CTR (click-through rate) to bring you more money.

Auto integrations with the industry's top performers

By activating MarfeelPress, your mobile site is automatically integrated with the industry's best ad exchanges, ad servers, and ad networks. 

What would normally demand certain requirements to be met and requests to be approved is done automatically and instantly.

Google Ad Exchange

Being able to use one of the industry's top performing ad exchanges means publishers have to fulfill certain requirements (minimum monthly traffic, revenue, etc.).

With MarfeelPress, publishers automatically become Google Ad Exchange partners and get the full revenue potential the biggest exchange in the ecosystem has to offer.  


Ads.txt is now an industry standard, but for some publishers, implementing this simple text file has been a challenge.

MarfeelPress has an easy-to-use portal in place so publishers can do this effortlessly, avoiding the loss in revenue as a result of not having this .txt file, or having the wrong information in it.

Server-side Header Bidding

Server-to-server Header Bidding is the next chapter in programmatic's evolution. 

Real-time auctions happen at the server level to further improve the performance of your site while maintaining competition amongst bidders to get the most from your inventory. What causes dedicated engineering teams months to develop, you get at the click of a button with MarfeelPress.

Dynamic floor pricing

Marfeel uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm that finds the optimal floor prices for your ad spaces to get you the highest return possible

This artificial intelligence predicts the price for auctions based on several factors like seasonality, time of day, advertising budget allocation algorightms, and more to find the best price to make you the most money.

Insert quotes from case studies about rev increases



Users demand fast loading times and speed is arguably the most important element that seperates a good UX and a bad one. 

MarfeelPress gives your readers what they demand; your content, instantly.


Content jumping around the page is it's loading only leads to users abondaning sessions. MarfeelPress leverages the Marfeel platform that ensures users enjoy seamless transitions and interactions when browsing a mobile site, as they swipe through a publisher's articles.  

This is the result of Marfeel's architecture that optimizes JavaScript files with an in-house compiler, minifies CSS, and lazy loads assets.

Video of browsing through a Marfeel site (Section page → swiping through articles → accessing image gallery → swiping through images


App-like UX

Native applications became so popular because of the elegant, fluid browsing experience they offered, but they were also heavy, expensive to develop, and required users to find and install them.

With the MarfeelPress plugin, publishers and bloggers get a PWA (Progressive Web App) which combines the best native apps had to offer and delivers them on the mobile web including speed, smoothness, and push notifications.

Uncluttered UI

The MarfeelPress plugin ensures your mobile site reduces the noise and gives your readers an elegant and clean browsing experience. 

A sharing bar that appears and is hidden according to the optimal sharing moments, collapsed comments by default, and collapsed ad spaces for empty ad requests are just some of the behaviours Marfeel uses for a pristine UI.

Social sharing

Determine the order you want social sharing options to appear. Include only the most popular or all of them. Depending on the device they're on, some users even get their native sharing options.

MarfeelPress ensures that sharing is optimally displayed when users are most apt to share your content with their networks.

Video of social sharing bar behavior

User orientation

Crisp, animated transitions ensure your users always know where they are within your publication and also enhance their speed perception.

A bulleted pager further reinforces the swipe feature and promotes all the content you have to offer to keep them on your site longer.

Video of animated transitions and bulleted pager



The swipe feature is what takes publishers' engagement metrics to the next level. It provides your users with a continuous, app-like reading experience and mimics the act of flipping through a magazine.

If it's the first time users encounter it, MarfeelPress has the UI in place to teach and facilitate it to get as many readers as possible using it. 

Video of swiping through sections and then through articles

Multi-level navigation 

MarfeelPress gives your mobile site multiple levels of navigation organize the meaningful content you produce. This makes it easier for your readers to be recirculated throughout your publication and register more pageviews.

Video of section mosaic to article details to image gallery and back

Multiple menus

Both a lateral menu (hamburger menu) and scrollable top menu ensure your readers find the content they're looking for, or at least, have multiple options to browse all of your content and stay on your site longer.

Why two menus? After extensive benchmarking and A/B tests, this is what led to the most recirculation of users, more engagement, and naturally, more ad revenue.

Recirculation strategies

Your readers will also use MarfeelPress' multiple recirculation strategies to consume more content and stay on your site longer. 

Strategies like displaying other articles from the same section, deeplinked headers, and displaying the home section list at the bottom of the article when users access a deeplink contribute to the recirculation of users to boost engagement.


Speed as a ranking signal

As of July 2018, speed became a key SEO ranking signal for Google. 

MarfeelPress gives your site the sophisticated architecture to maximize your page speed and boost organic traffic with better SEO ranking.

Unique URLs for mobile and desktop

Maintaining one URL for both your desktop and mobile sites is extremely important so all your content is attributed and share counters are aggregated to one place. 

When you activate MarfeelPress, you maintain one URL without any m. redirection.

Critical render path and loading speed

With MarfeelPress, your mobile content can be fully rendered with JavaScript disabled. 

This allows Google to crawl your mobile site as fast as it can and boost your crawling stats on the Google Search Console by reducing the KB downloaded per day and page download time. This also increases the pages crawled per day.

Canonical URLs

MarfeelPress goes to your orginal site, gets your content, and then duplicates it to distribute it for your mobile version from Marfeel's infrastructure.

To promote your SEO and not have duplicated content penalized, Marfeel is completely transparent with Google and instruments them to crawl your content from your original URL.

Consolidated meta tags

To reinforce good SEO from an editorial perspective, MarfeelPress respects all the meta tags publishers implement in their article and captured in Google supported meta tags.

This includes elements like the article title and most relevant key words. 

Traffic acquisition

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWAs combine the best native apps and the mobile web have to offer. You get the discoverability and traffic of the mobile web with the loaded features of native apps like access to content offline, add to home screen, and push notifications.

With a few quick steps, you can set up your PWA in the MarfeelPress plugin to get all these features and the boost in traffic they offer. 


Activating the MarfeelPress plugin comes with automatic implementation of AMP – one of the strongest traffic channels for digital publishers that has boosted their traffic and ad revenue. 

It's open source, so anyone can implement it, but doing it right with the same look and feel as your mobile site and a high-performing, unified monetization setup is tough. With MarfeelPress, it's as simple as activating.

Video of swiping through Marfeel-produced AMP pages

Push notifications

Setting up your PWA in MarfeelPress comes with the ability to send your readers push notifications over the web. 

Using this feature well drives your audience back to the web with the content that matters to them to increase engagement.

Video of drafting and sending a push notification in MarfeelPress

Organic search

With the increase in page speed and under the hood improvements MarfeelPress delivers, your organic traffic will only grow as your SEO ranking improves. 

Zero traffic costs

As your enagement grows, your CDN (content delivery network) costs will not. This is because Marfeel covers all the costs for all your mobile and desktop traffic to open up all the features that optimize your page speed. 



Activate the plugin when you want. Deactivate when you want. You're driving MarfeelPress and the keys are always in your hand.

Want to test it before activating it for your entire audience? You also have that option.

Video of activation option in MarfeelPress


Brand identity, colours, layouts, menus, social sharing options, AMP pages, article elements, section lists – all these things can be customized according to your taste and preference.

MarfeelPress comes with an easy-to-use control panel that guides you through making your mobile site truly unique while reinforcing your essence and brand. 

Video of customizing look and feel in MarfeelPress

Widgets DIY

Implement the commenting system, analytics vendor, or even push notifications provider you use is both intuitive and quick.

Want to test a new commenting system or analytics vendor? The same user-friendly process allows you to add all the providers you use to understand and engage with your audience. 

Advertising DIY

If you want to add placements for a direct campaign you're running, or simply implement a new ad tag, the MarfeelPress plugin has a simple process and UI to configure your ad setup according to your unique needs and specifications. 

Video of adding a new ad format and ad tag in MarfeelPress advertisement section


Analytics providers

Whether you use Google Analytics, Comscore, Chartbeat, etc. you can add it to your mobile site with the MarfeelPress plugin.

Make no compromise when it come to understanding your audience to guide your strategy. MarfeelPress has a user-friendly toolkit to add any analytics vendor you use.

Video of adding a new analytics provider in MarfeelPress (ie. Google Analytics)

Commenting systems

If you've built an online community powered by your audience commenting on the resonating content you create, this can easily be extended to your mobile version.

Effortlessly add the commenting system you use from Facebook comments to Disqus with a simple 3-step process.

Push notification providers

Push notifications add a lot of value to publishers and their readers. Publishers get a method to drive users to their content. Readers receive the content that matters to them as it's produced. 

Adding the push notifications provider you use is another feature MarfeelPress provides to give you peace of mind and maintain the link between you and your user. 


MarfeelPress has extension points that automatically detect various extensions like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram embeds. These embeds are also lazy loaded to save bandwidth and promote optimal performance.


Marfeel Insight

When you activate the MarfeelPress plugin, you automatically get access to Insight: Marfeel's analytics dashboard for publishers. 

Insight allows your site's performance for both engagement and monetization through 10 normalized, clear metrics that give you true insight and visibility. 

Video of plotting metrics in Insight time series


ARPU (average revenue per user) is a metric that Marfeel calculates for you as one of the powerful KPIs on your Insight dashboard. 

The power of ARPU is that it accounts for traffic variance and gives you a clear and transparent view of your performance to really drive strategy and performance. 

Multi-dimensional reporting

In Insight, you can filter and drill-down into your mobile site's revenue and performance from several key areas. 

In what country are your performing the best in? What traffic channel leads to the most engagement or even revenue? What ad network is working hardest for you? Insight will tell you.

Video of filtering metrics in Insight based on different dimensions