1. In the WordPress admin area, click Plugins in the left panel and then click Add New.

2. In the 'Search plugins' space, type 'Marfeel'.

3. On the MarfeePress plugin space, click Install Now.

4. When the plugin has successfully been installed, click Activate on the Marfeel plugin in the Add Plugins page.  

5. Alternatively, you can return to the Plugins page and click Activate in the Marfeel plugin row.

6. Complete the registration form (including the DFP form).

7. Go to Advanced settings. Tick the 'LOGGED' setting. Don't worry, this will not activate the Marfeel view for your readers, but only for you when you're logged in. Only users who are logged in to your website and view the mobile site will see Marfeel version. In order to fully activate the mobile view for all your readers you should leave this setting to 'ALL', but for a demo, please leave it to 'LOGGED'. 

8. Click Save changes.

9. Inform your Marfeel contact that you have completed the setup.

10. Your demo link will be sent to you by your Marfeel contact..