The Marfeel solution is engineered and designed for content-rich websites. It's universally adapted to all customers' sites while providing a unique look and feel. 

At the foundation of Marfeel's platform is intricate code that's the same for all customers, however each publisher receives a Progressive WebApp (PWA) unique to their publication and brand identity through Marfeel's array of theming and styling options.

Marfeel's business model relies on the adaptation of these specific content-based websites, and thriving monetization hinges on this principle. That's why a Marfeelizable website must meet certain criteria.

Necessary criteria

Ideal Marfeelizable sites are professional blogs and content-based websites that receive over 250,000 monthly visits with limited complexity.

The reason for this is that the Marfeel Platform was engineered for these types of websites that have similar structures and navigational flows. Sites that are article-based with images are an ideal fit because the code that drives the Marfeel solution is optimally suited for this structure organized by themes or sections.

Non-Marfeelizable sites

Although there are a wealth of rich and relevant websites that receive substantial visits, their basic structure may not be compatible with the Marfeel solution or business model. In addition, Marfeel relies on the optimization of ad inventory. Due to their content, some sites may not be able to leverage their ad inventory to its full potential because of strict regulations with top performing ad servers.   

The following are some examples of sites that may not be Marfeelizable: 


E-Commerce and M-Commerce websites are focused on selling goods and may not be Marfeelizable because the common features of these websites like shopping carts, and other widgets, are not inherently supported by the Marfeel platform. 

Some websites with a minor shopping-dedicated section may be exceptions, however the store itself cannot be Marfeelized. 

Small websites

Small websites, defined as a site with less than 250,000 monthly visits are not Marfeelizable due to the investment of resources they require and the limited monetary return they offer. 

Sites with many widgets

Marfeel supports numerous widgets and is continually adding to this list.

Websites with many widgets are investigated on a case-to-case basis to determine the development needs that are necessary to Marfeelize them. 

B2B websites

B2B (Business-to-Business) websites are sites that typically focus on business topics and often concentrate on a specific branch of an industry. 

These sites are normally not Marfeelizable because they typically have limited traffic and sell their ads directly. Since they serve a specific audience segment, selling their ads might be more efficient than an RTB (real-time bidding) approach.

Marfeel's extensive experience and constant data analysis maximizes RTB and is a cornerstone of how a publisher's revenue stream is optimized. 

Adult content

Websites with adult content such as pornographic, hacking, explicit, or illegal content are not Marfeelizable. 

Premium advertisers have active policies against buying ads on these sites which are also normally not approved as partners for prominent ad servers.  

Video-heavy websites

Websites that primarily provide video content or the ability to upload videos such as YouTube or Vimeo are normally not Marfeelizable.

Marfeel is currently focused on display advertising which is difficult to place on these types of websites. 


Forums are discussion websites where members or the public hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Advertisers usually hesitate from buying inventory on forums because they typically can't guarantee branding-safe content, which is naturally a deterrent for Marfeelization. 


Gambling or gaming websites such as a casino or poker site are not Marfeelizable because they're usually not content-based. In addition, these types of sites are not favoured and acceptable for all premium advertisers. 

Employment websites

Employment websites typically focus on providing job offers to candidates. They're not Marfeelizable because they are not very attractive to advertisers and provide limited ad revenue potential. 

Interactive websites

These sites have interactive interfaces such as online game websites.

Interactive websites are not Marfeelizable because the effort to implement and develop the gaming elements into the Marfeel platform is not viable. They are also unattractive for advertisers which impedes monetization potential.

User generated content sites

The content for these sites is normally created and uploaded by registered users and generally include elements such as videos, images, and memes. 

The reason these sites tend not to be Marfeelizable is because their content is usually very short - for example, one image meme or video without any text - making them difficult to monetize because of limited ad positions. Similar to forums, user generated content sites also can't guarantee branding-safe content which means the largest and most reputable demand providers can't be used. In addition, these sites tend to have many interactive features not supported out-of-the-box by Marfeel like upvoting posts, rating systems, chats, etc. 

Corporate websites

Corporate websites that represent a specific business and provide information about products and services granted by the company, typically don't present any ads on their pages as it would detract from the interests they're trying to promote, eliminating any revenue opportunity for Marfeel.

Download websites

Sites that serve as platforms for users to download media and software are not Marfeelizable. The reason is that content is generally very short, which makes it difficult to monetize because of the site's limited ad inventory.