To maintain the integrity and position of their brand, advertisers want to ensure that their ads and interests are displayed alongside safe and meaningful content. Moreover, several of the marketplaces Marfeel works with maintain precise standards regarding the type of content where their ads are served. 

In cases where an article contains explicit content (for example, explicit sexual content) that might endanger a publisher's partnership with ad networks, Marfeel provides a meta tag to remove all ads from an article.

Meta tag and location

A publisher must insert the following meta tag in any location under the <body> tag in their web code to remove all ads from that page in their Marfeel PWA (Progressive WebApp):

<META name="mrf-advertisement" content="none">


When the Marfeel crawler detects the aforementioned <meta> tag when parsing a publisher's site, it will extract the necessary components and prevent any ads from being displayed on that page in their Marfeelized mobile site.