Marfeel's innovative and cutting edge technology that maximizes ad revenue through an optimized UX and sophisticated ad setup is ideally designed and engineered for publishers and professional bloggers that produce rich and relevant content. 

At times, publishers may have elements of their desktop website that aren't Marfeelizable (such as shopping and payment components of websites) or even pages and articles that they simply don't want replicated in their Marfeel mobile site for any number of reasons. 

In these cases, Marfeel provides a <meta> tag they can insert in their web code to identify the articles they don't want Marfeelized and replicated in their Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA). 

Meta tag and location

The following is the <meta> tag that a publisher must place in any location under the <body> tag in their web code to exclude it from being Marfeelized:

<META name="mrf-extractable" content="false">


When the Marfeel crawler detects the above <meta> tag when parsing a publisher's site, it prepares the procedures necessary to open the page in the customer's original desktop site and excludes it from being Marfeelized in their Marfeel PWA.