• Use Marfeel's Enterprise Provisioning Profile when compiling with --debug flag

    1. platforms/ios/cordova/build
    2. platforms/ios/cordova/build.xcconfig
    3. platforms/ios/cordova/build.debug.xcconfig
  • nJinks: Replaces file content to set tenant name as the custom url scheme

  • Fix problem in LaunchMyApp plugin with Android when app is not running

    1. platforms/android/src/com/marfeel/cherokee/Cherokee.java
  • Cherokee/src/plugins/android.json needs to use the intent-filter com.marfeel.cherokee.tenantCustomScheme.MESSAGE. tenantCustomScheme will be replaced in compile time.

  • Prevent clicks on banners to reload main WebView

    1. platforms/ios/CordovaLib/Classes/CDVWebViewDelegate.m