Marfeel's crawler and extracting algorithms can be utilized by partners to fully match their content criteria displayed in their Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA). This instrumentation gives publishers complete control over which articles are displayed in their Marfeel mobile site and how they appear.

The way publishers present their relevant content to their valuable audience is important. That's why Marfeel provides this autonomous feature so publishers can ultimately define how their content is displayed on the fly. 

How it works

There is a set of defined markups and data-attributes publishers can add to their section pages and articles that promote precise extraction of content. These markups instrument Marfeel's crawlers to extract specific content and then display it according to how it's defined, without any Marfeel human intervention.

The markups provide Marfeel partners with control over the following. For more information regarding what each markup controls and the data-attributes to be used, click the corresponding link below: