To maximize AMP's traffic acquisition potential, Marfeel-produced AMP pages display the device's native behavior when the "more" sharing options are tapped in an AMP article. 

While this behavior is limited to Android users running Chrome, it's significant for publishers because personalized, instantaneous native behavior boosts sharing as users interact with familiar UI. This means that a publisher's AMP articles increase their exposure on their audience's social networks, proliferating the traffic they get outside of AMP's distribution on


  1. When a user taps the "more" sharing icon in a publisher's Marfeel-produced AMP article, the user's native sharing dialogue is invoked.
  2. The sharing options that are displayed are the social network apps the user has installed on their mobile device. 
  3. When a user shares an AMP article, they do so through the native app they select.

For more information about the benefits of sharing at the native level and the technology behind the development, see the Native Sharing in Android article.