Any opportunity publishers have to increase their audience's engagement with their content is an opportunity that needs to be taken. 

Native widgets are precisely the type of UX/UI tactic publishers can use to boost their user engagement. Naturally, native widgets are something all our publishing-partners with Marfeel-developed native applications get out of the box. 

What are native widgets 

Native widgets are unique extensions that can be added to the locked or search screens of an iOS device.

For example, the Today widget on iOS devices is a specific widget that adds the functionality of providing users with immediate and up-to-date information that they might be interested in.

Marfeel leverages these functionalities and widgets to promote a publisher's content there. Relevant information is displayed, encouraging engagement by providing direct access to the publisher's native application in the following widgets or views of an iOS device:

  1. The iOS Today widget that can be accessed when the screen is locked.
  2. The iOS quick action widget when performing a long-press on the app icon.


Using iOS native widgets can only boost engagement for the Apple users that have installed a publisher's native application. This is because articles stand out in an optimal place on a user's device.

By simply glancing at the content placed in key areas users turn to for information, this can trigger an immediate interaction with the content in the native app where engagement increases as the user is recirculated due to the other powerful techniques Marfeel uses. 


Native widgets are only supported by iOS devices.