This flow illustrates the steps that take place when a user accesses a paywall in one of our clients' mobile sites. In this case, it's a combination paywall where the user is trying to access a premium article: 

  1. User accesses client's mobile site.
  2. User taps on premium article identified by premium article icon in the corner. 
  3. Marfeel opens responsive iframe that requests user credentials.
  4. User enters credentials and clicks Log In.
  5. Client authenticates the user in their server.
  6. Client redirects to Marfeel inside the iframe with the user token.
  7. Marfeel receives user token and closes the iframe.
  8. Marfeel verifies that the token is valid via query parameters through the web service provided by the client. 
  9. If the result is positive, Marfeel sends an authentication token to its servers before granting the user access to the paid content.  
  10. The premium content is displayed to the user.