What is Prebid? 

Prebid is an open-source library and community that helps publishers implement Header Bidding on their websites and apps. Whilst initially renowned as a pioneer in client-side header bidding, Prebid.org creates other ‘unbiased programmatic monetization solutions’ for premium publishers, including server-side header bidding.

Prebid.org, is jointly funded by all participating outfits and requires its members to agree to a code of conduct, containing directives for header bidding mechanics, the handling of data, transparency, and the final user experience.

 What is header bidding?

 Header Bidding is a technique that runs code for SSPs and ad exchanges in a publisher's source code so they can auction their inventory in multiple ad servers. The returned bids are then passed to the primary ad server. This enables the inventory to compete with direct demand and the primary exchange to leverage competition and get the full value of a publisher's inventory.

 In short, Header Bidding maximizes the competition among ad exchanges when selling ad inventory to increase revenue performance.

 What is the history of Prebid?

 Prebid is an open-source library and community, built by ad tech leaders to help publishers implement Header Bidding to monetize their content. Prebid.org is the name given to the organization, whereas Prebid is known essentially as a Header Bidding wrapper or container as they pioneered this technology.  

Prebid was originally created in 2015 by AppNexus before other ad tech members were invited to manage and continue to evolve it - forming Prebid.org in 2017. Marfeel has recently become a partner member of this elite player in the ad tech ecosystem.

What are the principles of Prebid?

 Prebid operates with a simple set of principles to help publishers implement header bidding to the highest standards. These are to be: 

  • Collaborative: Foster a community of contribution
  • Open and Transparent: No black-box auction dynamics, bid biasing or hidden fees
  • Agnostic: No adapter preferencing or inherent reliance on ad servers
  • Performant: Don’t kill the page!

Why is membership in Prebid.org significant?

 Prebid.org are the pioneers of Header Bidding. Marfeel's membership in this exclusive and elite group cements Marfeel's status as an innovative contributor to ad tech and the wider digital publishing industry. Marfeel is not simply supporting or adopting a technology, they are now helping create it and mold its evolution.

 Most importantly, this is recognition of Marfeel's development and progress on MBid – Marfeel's server-to-server Header Bidding technology. Marfeel is one of the first to develop and implement this technology across the entire industry. This helped Marfeel to stand out in the ad tech crowd and contributed to their invitation to Prebid.org

 MBid was built for Marfeel using the foundation of open-source server-side header bidding technology developed by the Prebid.org organization.

What is the value of joining Prebid?

 With membership to the exclusive Prebid.org, Marfeel gives publishers the confidence that they working with a leader in the ad tech ecosystem and specifically, server-to-server Header Bidding. More than simply following the evolution in ad tech, Marfeel, and by extension, Marfeel’s partners are leading the frontline of development and will be the first to reap the rewards. 

 As an open-source project, joining Prebid demonstrates that Marfeel is contributing to the ongoing performance, integrity, and effectiveness of programmatic advertising.

What is the value of joining Prebid for our publishers?


 Our membership gives publishers a front seat for the latest changes and improvements to Header Bidding and programmatic advertising. This includes the adoption of MBid server-to-server Header Bidding.They will also be given a competitive advantage. As the technology is open source, other publishers will scramble to adopt it whereas Marfeel partners will have access straight from the creators. 

Google AMP support

 In addition, AMP recently deprecated client-side Header Bidding (by deprecating remote.html) due to their emphasis on speed and performance. Now, only server-to-server Header Bidding is supported by AMP. Marfeel will be one of the first to give publishers the renewed ability to use Header Bidding to monetize their AMP pages with MBid. Even major, global publishers have not been able to do this yet. 

Brand positioning

 Being partnered with a member of Prebid allows publishers to position themselves with a leader and innovator in the ad tech industry.

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What is the history of Prebid? 

What are the principles of Prebid?

Why is membership in Prebid.org significant?

What is the value of joining Prebid? 

What is the value of joining Prebid for our publishers?