When Marfeel is integrated into a partner's site, Marfeel engineers study the customer's existing site and train Marfeel's extraction routines to differentiate the content from the template and CMS (Content Management System).

There are certain changes a publisher could make to their desktop site that shouldn't make a difference in their Marfeel Progressive WebApp (PWA).

However, there are also some modifications that could affect a partner's Marfeel mobile site and cause discrepancies if Marfeel isn't advised of the changes beforehand.

Changes that shouldn't make a difference:

  • Minor changes to the styling/CSS
  • Adding a component like a WordPress plugin not related to the article details.

Changes that could break things on on a partner's Marfeel mobile website:

  • Structural changes to the site (for example, a new WordPress theme)
  • Using a new video provider
  • Changing the menu items or adding new sections.

If a publisher's changes include one of the latter, they should let Marfeel know in advance. The more notice Marfeel has, the easier it is for them to apply the changes.