Establishing the aggressiveness of your ad strategy is a decision every publisher must make that impacts the two key pillars of every mobile site - the user experience and revenue.

Some publishers choose to be more aggressive with their impressions that increases the quantity of the impressions made but may negatively impact UX. In certain cases publishers prefer to not sacrifice their site's performance and UX and opt for a strategy of less impressions that prioritizes quality. 

The Marfeel solution offers a configurable reload policy so a publisher can determine the aggressiveness of their ad strategy. This policy allows publishers to determine how often an ad is reloaded when a user navigates back to a page - once every navigation change, or once every N navigation changes.

It essentially provides clients with the ability to control the amount of impressions they make and the quality of the user experience they maintain in their Marfeel mobile site. 

By default, Marfeel modifies the reload policy depending on the mobile site's traffic; it increases reload frequency if traffic is high to leverage the amount of users and maximize monetization, and decreases it when traffic is low to optimize the UX and increase session time.