To optimize audience acquisition globally, a publisher can't have static social sharing options. Specific social networks dominate certain markets, types of users, etc. 

To maximize the exposure of their content, publishers require sharing options that adapt to the type of user accessing content, the network they're using, and where material is most likely to be shared. 

The Marfeel solution's sharing bar changes depending on who the user is to maximize the sharing potential of content. 

For example, if Marfeelized content is loaded inside the Facebook native App or the user is coming from Facebook on the web, the Facebook sharing option is the predominant sharing option displayed. 

If Marfeelized content is loaded inside the Twitter native App or has been referred from, the Twitter option takes precedence. 

Marfeel mobile sites also do this at the geo level. For example, if we detect the user is from Spain, the WhatsApp sharing option is prioritized due to its predominant use in that location as illustrated in the Social Sharing Bar by Geography article.

When inside a Marfeel native app, all sharing is done natively at the operating system level.