Smart is an ad server.

Activation code snippet

new Smart2(translatorClosure, domain, siteId, pageId, nwid, template)


It is vital that all of a publisher's requisite parameters are properly identified when integrating Smart, which include:  

  • Ad unit
  • Size
  • Targeting parameters.

It's also imperative that developers identify if parameters change depending on type of article or position, whether the number of parameters merit that they be scraped or can be collected manually, and if targeting is provided by 3rd party suppliers like external DMPs.

Specifically for Smart ad server, identifying interstitial tags during integration is important as it will impact integration. 

Tips and tricks

Marfeel developers search for the following code in the customer source code to aid Smart integration:"std", {
                 siteId: 123456,
                 pageId: 111111,
                 formatId: 33333,
                 target: ''

Common pitfalls

Some of the common errors when integrating Smart include entering incorrect or inaccurate parameters, failing to enter essential parameters like targeting, and improperly identifying when parameters need to be scraped or manually collected.

Above all, when integrating Smart, developers must understand a publisher's ad setup and, with specific attention to Smart, respect and follow the customer's order of tags. 

Usage example