Marfeel is continually searching and testing new ways to improve customers' revenue streams. 

Recently, Marfeel performed a limited experiment with a new ad network. Some customers may have seen a slight change in their Marfeel mobile site for this reason.

The ad network being tested inserts a green button after the first paragraph in the article details prompting the user to take a survey, while temporarily hiding the remaining text in the article. Though seemingly aggressive, the survey is instantly skipped by a prominent Skip survey option, and the user is directed back to the article in its entirety. 

Marfeel is committed to continuous improvement, however we also proceed with the utmost caution and diligence in our explorations. For this reason, tests with this network only affect 1% of the traffic for a select group of customers. This balances a careful sample size that affords a data set that will provide Marfeel with the knowledge and insight to determine whether it adds the progressive and innovative value customers deserve.