Today, publishers are constantly pushing new content and creating a massive amount of material that's almost undiscoverable for readers.

The swipe is Marfeel's game changer in terms of engagement. It's this feature that promotes and eases content discovery through a continuous reading experience that mimics the act of flipping through a magazine.

The swipe feature provides this added engagement because of the continuity it promotes as the user accesses more section mosaics, article details, and images in the gallery leading to the 160% increase in time on site or 383% increase in pageviews some Marfeel customers have enjoyed.  

To encourage swiping, a thin, semi-transparent set of bullets at the top of the interface is displayed to suggestively indicate where new content can be found. This UI feature is standard in both iOS and Android devices and was implemented to leverage this learned behavior and automatic recognition that more content can be found by swiping.

Through Marfeel's clever and effective facilitation, when users quickly pick up on the swipe behavior, content exploration, engagement, and impressions generated booms.