Every publisher aims to create relevant content that resonates with and impacts their readers. The Marfeel solution has a built-in feature that not only does this visually, but also increases ad space and revenue potential at the same time.

To provide a sharp visual impact, Marfeel takes the best and most relevant image available from the body of each article details and uses it as the featured image or, top media.   

This image that's never cropped or over-enhanced adds a rich element to content that captivates the reader and urges them to consume the material.

But possibly the biggest benefit to top media is the monetization advantages it introduces. 

Removing an image from the body of an article to be used as a featured image increases prime ad inventory. Marfeel then leverages this created ad space into increased revenue for customers across all their articles where top media is applied.  

It's elements like this that have led some Marfeel customers to increase revenue per visit by 175% or double their total revenue