Marfeel Touch metadata is responsible for reading the metadata and performing its necessary functions which include detecting and separating the section mosaics from article details

Marfeel maintains many different implementations for different metadata. For example, there are different dimensions for Google Analytics or targeting for DoubleClick for Publishers that Touch detects and performs any function necessary (such as separating section mosaics from article details) or just stores accordingly. 

For Touch, metadata is also stored at the beginning of section mosaics.


define(["marfeel/touch/MetadataProvider", "marfeel/touch/BrowserHistory"], function (MetadataProvider, BrowserHistory) {
    "use strict";

    var METADATA_NAME = "tealiumMetrics";

    return {
        getTrackObject: function () {
            return this.getTrackObjectForPage(BrowserHistory.getCurrentPathname());
        getTrackObjectForPage: function (uri) {
            var data = MetadataProvider.getMetadata(uri, METADATA_NAME);
            return data ? data.customMetrics : null;


define(['marfeel/touch/metadataProviders/TealiumMetricsProvider'], function (TealiumMetrics) {
    TealiumMetrics.getTrackObject(); // get tealium metrics for current page