In a competitive landscape with so many players vying for readers and the revenue they represent, publishers require content delivery networks (CDN) of the highest caliber that will serve their valuable traffic without fail. This is especially important in the event of traffic spikes.  

To impeccably manage the considerable mobile traffic of all their publishing partners, Marfeel uses an extremely sophisticated CDN that has the protocols and systems in place to flawlessly handle traffic regardless of size. Marfeel's CDN - Fastly - provides an intricate global network of content delivery with different scalability measures that optimize performance.

Traffic scalability

Fastly automatically adjusts the servers being used according to the amount of requests being made for a Marfeel publishing-partner's content. It seamlessly accommodates traffic spikes without any capacity constraints by automatically activating more servers to meet that demand and deliver content to the reader instantaneously through Marfeel's optimized UX. 

For complete details regarding Fastly's traffic scalability and load balancing, see their official documentation.

A significant portion of Marfeel's ability to handle a publisher's considerable traffic is also due to Fastly's strategic positioning of their global network of servers, also known as points of presence (POP). For more information, see the Marfeel's Content Delivery Network article.