A partner can have one of the following two roles in Insight:

  • Publisher
  • Billing

The roles have a different level of hierarchical permissions. In Insight, a Billing user has more permissions and can therefore perform more actions.  

Publisher Role

A Publisher user can only see the dashboard that contains the KPIs that correlate analytics and revenue data for all the tenants that belong to the media group they have access to.

They can also apply the filters available to them to manipulate the KPIs displayed on the dashboard. 

Billing Role

A Billing user can perform the following actions in Insight:

  • Access the dashboard and apply filters
  • Modify billing details for the tenants they have access to
  • Create new Publisher role users

Create a new Publisher user (reserved to Billing Roles)

Billing users can only create new users with a Publisher role in Insight.

To create a new Publisher user:

  1. Click Users in the side panel.
  2. All the users with access to that media group along with their last logins are displayed.
  3. Click the more (...) button and select New user
  4. In the fields provided, enter the user's:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • The reporting currency in Insight. 
  5. Click Submit.

Create a new Billing user

The only way to create a new Billing user in Insight is to contact the Customer Success team or your Strategic Partnership Executive or Manager.

The reason for this is that Billing users have access to sensitive financial details such as banking information, the permissions to change them, and the ability to create new Publisher users. 

This extra security layer ensures that only the essential users have access to change financial information and create new users who can access the dashboard.