Augmenting their relevant content with video is a key strategy for all publishers. It serves to enrich the meaningful content they produce and satisfy the growing user trends that favor video consumption and drive traffic while boosting key engagement metrics like session time.  

Marfeel understands the crucial role that video plays for a customer's mobile presence, and is why Marfeel supports over 150 video providers and continues to integrate more to proactively feed their customers' needs and the mobile user's demand for video content. 

When a customer requests a new video provider not already natively supported by the Marfeel platform, Marfeel's talented engineers investigate the player and swiftly take the necessary actions to integrate it by following an efficient and defined process.


Initially, Marfeel examines if the provider is an iframe video or script video. 

The purpose of the investigation is to determine the type of development that needs to be executed for integration because the different video providers require different development and integration methods.

Iframe video integration

To integrate iframe videos, Marfeel copies the iframe on the frontend along with its source. 

On the backend, Marfeel inspects if the source of the iframe identified is in its allowed list of sources. If it is, Marfeel displays the iframe on the frontend. 

Script video integration

To integrate script videos, Marfeel uses public documentation and reverse engineers the script video if necessary to be able to embed the video player code.   

Technical impediments

If the video provider only delivers Flash videos for mobile devices, Marfeel doesn't support it because this format is not supported by iOS

Additionally, if no public documentation is available to guide the integration and the source code is obscure, the provider must be reverse engineered in order to have the integration developed. 


While Marfeel's innovative and resourceful engineering team can efficiently integrate iframe videos, the time it takes to integrate script videos heavily relies on the documentation available and whether the provider needs to be reverse engineered.