What it Means to be a Facebook Instant Articles Partner

Marfeel has always been committed to providing publishers with the latest technologies through their 360o solution that sets them up for long-term success. 

In April of 2016, Marfeel proudly announced immediate support for Facebook Instant Articles to empower their customers with that exciting new channel to boost their traffic and exposure. 

It's with great pleasure that less than a year later, Marfeel is able to announce that they've been officially recognized and selected as a Facebook Instant Articles Partner


Joining this select group is so momentous because it's a validation of Marfeel's talent and drive; a recognition of the ferocious pace at which Marfeel develops and evolves to remain at the frontier of mobile technology and progress.

Starting with Marfeel's immediate support for Instant Articles when the format was initially rolled out, this latest certification separates Marfeel from the rest of the pack as other tech leaders salute the innovative caliber, ingenuity, and potential at hand. 

Ultimately, this certification also recognizes Marfeel's impeccable track record of seamlessly implementing Facebook Instant Articles for publishers. A feat that has allowed countless customers to leverage the audience acquisition potential among the billions of daily active users on the Facebook app.

Why should publishers care?

Adding Facebook Instant Articles Partner to Marfeel's list of credentials gives credence to what current and future customers can expect: A pioneering solution constantly working on the edge to deliver the optimal speed, smoothness, and user experience that redefines reading on mobile.

More specifically, it means that Marfeel will implement a publisher's Facebook Instant Articles while promoting the core principles that drive readership such as:

  • Reinforcing a customer's strong and unique identity across all channels
  • Providing a consistent look and feel
  • Delivering a unified monetization strategy that addresses a publisher's bottom line.

Facebook has been the latest to acknowledge Marfeel's potential. Will you be the next?

Contact us today to get started and begin publishing your Facebook Instant Articles with Marfeel.