Marfeel Insight

Marfeel's analytics system, Insight, is a publisher's dashboard and gateway to understanding their site's performance for both engagement and monetization.

The comprehensive engagement and revenue metrics displayed in Insight provide publishers with an accurate reflection of performance and the holistic vision needed to make impactful decisions.

At the forefront of the metrics provided on Insight is ARPU (average revenue per user) - the proven KPI that Marfeel calculates for all customers. The strength of ARPU is that it accounts for fluctuations in traffic and empowers publishers with the insight to optimize the revenue generated each visit.

Insight revenue and engagement KPIs

Gross Revenue

All the ad revenue generated across all of your sites. 


ARPU is the average revenue generated per user. The value of this KPI is that it accounts for the variance of increased traffic to ensure constant revenue optimization.


Visits are registered every time a user accesses a mobile site.

Average Session Time

Average session time is essentially the average amount of time a user has spent in a publisher's site.

Ad Requests

An ad request is the amount of times a publisher's Marfeel mobile site requests an ad space to be filled and displayed, resulting from a user's action on a mobile site.

Fill Rate

Fill Rate is the percentage of ad spaces filled according to the ad spaces available. It essentially measures how a publisher's ad inventory is able to meet demand.


eCPM calculates the average value of each impression to provide a value for each ad unit.


CTR is the percentage of impressions that are clicked out of all the ads served.


CPC (Cost Per Click) is the amount a publisher receives every time a user clicks on an impression.

PV / V

PV / V measures the average amount of pages a user accesses for every visit in a publisher's mobile page.


ADR / PV measures the average amount of ad requests made per pageview over a specified period of time.


ADR / V essentially provides the average ad requests made per visit.

If you are unclear about any of these or would like an introductory walk-through, please contact your Strategic Partnership Executive or Marfeel's Customer Success team at