When you log in to Insight, the first page you see is the Tenants Reporting page. A tenant for Marfeel is a concrete domain, URL, or publication that has activated the Marfeel solution.

It's organized into four sections that display significant KPIs (key performance indicators) for all your tenants (if you have more than one). 

The top part of the page displays all your filtering options along with some important information regarding the analytics and revenue KPIs displayed.

The message simply dictates that daily revenues are subject to the time zone differences between ad networks and fluctuations in exchange rates. Click close (X) to close this message and prevent it from being shown again. 

The next three sections are what empower you to see the direct impact of user engagement to revenue incomes by correlating your analytics data to your revenue data.

By default, all your tenants are aggregated on this page, but you have the ability to apply tenant and time filters for these KPIs. For more information on applying filters, see the Filters section.


The KPIs section on the Tenants Reporting page displays 12 different analytics and revenue indicators for your Marfeel mobile site. These indicators allow you to track the relationship between your Marfeelized site's user engagement and revenue generation.

Below the main collective value for each KPI, the corresponding values for smartphones and tablets are also displayed.

KPI Evolution

The next section on the Tenants Reporting page presents graphics that illustrate KPI evolution over time.

To display a specific KPI in the time series, click one of the values from the KPI section. Only 2 KPIs can be plotted at once as there are only two Y-axes. Be sure to unselect the other KPIs in order to select new ones to display in the graphic.

KPIs for smartphone and tablet can also be displayed in the graph by clicking the respective values.

The KPIs you select to display in the graph are indicated with a color in the top left corner of their KPI space. The same color corresponds to that KPI's plot along the X-axis.

Time precision filters

Time precision filters are available in the upper right corner of the KPI evolution section. They allow analysts to reduce variance and remove low-frequency fluctuations to clearly see a trend.   

Hover over a graph to display the specific KPI figures for that day, week, or month when applying the corresponding time precision filter.

Tenants list

At the bottom of the Tenants Reporting page are the same 12 KPIs as in the top section, separated by each tenant you have activated. 

These KPI values can also be manipulated by applying tenant or time filter options. 

Each tenant has two rows for each KPI. The top row displays the values for smartphones and the bottom for tablets.


The top panel of the Tenants Reporting page contains tenant and time filters you can apply to manipulate the KPIs displayed in the KPIs, KPI Evolution, and Tenants List sections. 

Tenant Filter

Applying tenant filters allows you to see the correlation between user engagement and revenue KPIs for individual tenants, or a different combination of them. 

By default, all tenant analytics and revenue KPIs are aggregated on the Tenants Reporting page when you log in to Insight. 

To apply tenant filters:

  1. Click +add and then select Tenants.

    All tenants you have active with the Marfeel solution are displayed. 

  2. Select the tenants you want to display engagement and revenue metrics for and then click Apply.

    There is also a Select All and an Unselect All option.

Time Filter

By default, all the data shown on the Tenants Reporting page is for the current day's figures, but you can apply a time filter to measure your Marfeel mobile site's KPIs over a defined time period to account for variance and fluctuations.

To apply a time filter:

  1. Click the Today field.
  2. Select one of the pre-determined filters displayed or enter the time period you want to define by clicking the calendar icons in the From and To fields and selecting your dates of interest.
  3. Click Go to apply the time filter you've selected. 

Metrics refresh

The engagement and revenue metrics displayed in Insight are refreshed every 15 minutes, however full daily revenues may be slightly delayed due to the lag in reporting from certain ad networks.

Normally, 24 hours after a day's end, a customer's revenue metrics will no longer change for that day. 

Days in Insight are defined according to PST (Pacific Standard Time).