The Marfeel API Token - Secret Key

Publishers are constantly producing new, relevant content for their readers. That's why Marfeel engineered a sophisticated crawling method to accurately and efficiently reflect the material customers publish in their mobile sites as illustrated in the Content Connectors article.

But in some cases, publishers may want to update their mobile site immediately for various reasons. To accommodate this, Marfeel provides an API that invalidates content and forces a refresh of a publisher's mobile site.

This API is executed manually and is password protected, however Marfeel also offers a method to automate this process and make it more efficient through the use of an authentication token found in Insight.

This authentication token, or Secret Key as it's also known, is generated and stored according to a publisher's user, and is used to automatically invalidate articles and connect with Insight.

The Secret Key is like a password and should therefore, remain private. It should also be generated from a user's proprietary Insight account through the steps outlined below.


Generate and view the authentication token

  1. Log in to Insight.
  2. Click your user name in top-right corner of the page and select User Account in the drop-down menu.
  3. The token is displayed in the Secret Key field. 

Change the authentication token

  1. Click Change in the Secret Key field of the Marfeel user details page and a new key is automatically generated.