Send Push Notifications with MarfeelPush

MarfeelPush gives publishers with an active Marfeel PWA the powerful ability to send push notifications. This feature is integrated directly in Insight, to empower Marfeel partners with another feature in Marfeel's end-to-end mobile solution.

This easy-to-use and familiar interface allows publishers to create, schedule, and track their push notifications sent.

How to send a push notifications with MarfeelPush

  1. Login to the Insight dashboard and select the Push Notifications under the Reporting menu.

  2. If you haven't yet sent a push notification, click Create and send a notification to send your first one.

  3. To create a push notification, complete the following:
    1. Message: The actual text that will be displayed within the push notification (a maximum of 60 characters).
    2. URL/Link: The article that the publisher would like to link to.
    3. Delivery: The delivery time of the article, according to the following; 
      1. Immediately - Sends the notification right away
      2. Scheduled - Sends the notification according to the date and time you define
    4. To schedule a message for a specific delivery time:
      1. Click the calendar icon and select the date for the notification to be sent. 
      2. Enter the time of day to send the notification.
      3. Select the Time relative to user's time zone check box to send the notification taking time zones into consideration. 

        For example, selecting the check box would send the message to your users in London at 9 am GMT and then send the same notification to your users in New York 6 hours later at 9 am EST (or 2 pm GMT).

  4. Click Next. The notification will be scheduled and sent to users.
  5. After sending your first push notification you will see a list of the push notifications that have already sent, as seen below. To create another, click Create notification

Track the performance of your push notifications

  1. Within the Messages tab a list of sent and scheduled push notifications is presented. This list includes detailed data like the number of readers that received the push notification, how many opened it, and what revenue this generated.