Invalidate Section Mosaic

The following is the Invalidation API URL for section mosaics:{TENANT_NAME}/{MARFEEL_NAME}/{SECTION_NAME}.json?invalidate=1&mrf-secret-key=XXXX

Parameters or

This field depends on the Marfeel domain the partner is on. 

For publishers on the domain, this parameter should be:

For publishers on the domain, this parameter should be:


 The partner's domain and directory. For example,


A partner's Marfeel name if they have one. Common examples include language or country codes that identify the different versions a publication is offered in.

For example, /en, /es, /us, /uk.


The name of the section that the partner wants to invalidate.

.json must always be present after defining the section name. 


To invalidate a section, publishers should use invalidate=1.

For example, the following would only invalidate the Barca section of this domain without invalidating the section:


The Marfeel Secret Key parameter - also referred to as the API token - is mandatory to call the Invalidation API. The Secret Key can be viewed and generated in Insight. For more information, see the Marfeel API Token - Secret Key article.

Examples for customers in

Examples for customers in