Marfeel Press Activation Settings

This section in Atenea is about explaining how to make sure that Marfeel Press Plugin is activated correctly. 

First, to install the plugin, please make sure you follow the steps in B2B - How to install the plugin. Once you're sure that it's active, proceed to the settings page to make sure it's been configured correctly. For that, please follow the next steps:

1: Insert your email address that you use for accessing your account in Insight and press signup. 

This will take you to the following screen. Now, please be patient and wait a bit. 

If the web doesn't refresh automatically and take you to the next screen, press "Try again". 

2: Please make sure that ONLY the below mentioned options are activated. And then press Save. 

3: When after inserting your email address you do not reach the screen on step 2, please insert the following in the URL after /wp-admin/:  



That will take you to the screen in step 2. 

4: Now, let's test your AMP that it's working fine as well. For that, open any article on your web and at the end of the article URL place /amp and open up the link.

Eg: change to

and it should give a similar view as below: 

When seeing a view similar to thisthen you've activated AMP correctly.

IMPORTANT: Once you've finished the setup, please make sure that you make a screenshot of the step 2 with the URL of the site you were activating, and send it to to make sure that you've done your setup correctly. 

If you're still facing any issues, please drop an email to with the subject of MarfeelPress and the keyword of the issue. 




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