PNG and JPEG Optimizations

The PNGs and JPEGs that Marfeel extracts from a publisher's responsive site and displays in their Marfeel version are optimized through a lossless optimization process. This reduces the size of these resources to significantly enhance the performance and loading speed of a publisher's Marfeel PWA, while maintaining the quality of their images. 

The way these optimization tools work is by removing unnecessary metadata like the image thumbnail. 


Marfeel uses the following tools to optimize PNGs and JPEGs:


The following table illustrates the performance of Optim to exemplify size reduction and optimization of PNGs:

Image Optim for OSX

Marfeel 120K 98K -19%
Marfeel@2x 120K 86K -28%

For more information regarding optimization tools, see this article from Web Design Booth