A / B Testing

A / B testing allows you to see how activating the Marfeel solution on your site for a percentage of your traffic provides the increased impressions and ad revenue we guarantee. The test also gives you the opportunity to see how other relevant metrics like reading time and page views per site stack up against the Marfeel experience.

This guide will help you to activate Marfeel on your site for a portion of your traffic, and also shows you how you can measure the test results.

1. Activation code

You can get the activation code from here, configured to test Marfeel with 50% of your traffic. To be sure your users get a consistent experience, the decision to redirect to Marfeel or not is made only the first time the user accesses your site, and remains the same during the duration of the A / B test.

2. Measuring results

Using your Google Analytics account you can compare how Marfeel performs compared to the classic version of your site, in terms of reading time, page views per visit and other metrics. You need to create one segment to filter traffic to only include Marfeel, and another segment to exclude Marfeel. 

The procedure varies depending  on your Google Analytics version. Please contact us if you are not sure which Google Analytics version you have.

2.1 Universal Analytics

  1. Follow this guide to configure your Universal Analytics account to be able to filter traffic coming from Marfeel.
  2. Obtain the Marfeel traffic segment by clicking here.
  3. Obtain the No Marfeel traffic segment by clicking here.

2.2 Google Analytics

  1. Obtain the Marfeel traffic segment by clicking here.
  2. Obtain the No Marfeel traffic segment by clicking here.

Now that you have both segments in place, you can use them to view the following report, presenting the Marfeel performance:

3. Final activation

As we are convinced that you will be happy with your A/B test results, we suggest you have the following activation code available, once you decide to go 'all-out' with the Marfeel version. All you need to do is replace the activation code with this one.