Marfeel is a platform that converts any publisher’s website into a highly engaging app-like mobile web

For us mobile engagement is the driver to optimize site’s monetization

Marfeel boosts user engagement by making swipe, loading speed and smoothness first class citizens

At Marfeel we believe high engagement can only be achieved by combining great UX and great performance

MRF = f (♥, ⚡, $)

♥ UX

  • UX specialized and optimized for media publishers. Swipe democratization at least delivers 3x uplift in PageViews / Visit
  • 3 level navigation: Mosaic, Details, Galleries, deep linking. Infinite scroll
  • Behavioral sharing
    • Sharing bar that disappears to maximize reading area
    • Polymorphic depending on traffic source and embedding apps

♥ UX

  • Widgets
    • Weather
    • Elections
    • Stocks
  • Support of 100+ of industry standard video players, embeds, commenting and analytics systems


⚡ Performance

  • Instant loading < 0.8s.
  • Only above the fold resources are loaded.
    Everything else is loaded as late as possible but prefetched as early as possible
  • Async JS. Progressive enhancement
  • Smoothness & Responsiveness are our motto
  • Batched & throttled DOM changes
  • Optimizations to avoid layout thrashing, relayouts, restyles and scroll jankiness
  • GPU animations

360º Solution



It's not only about UX and Speed


Pricing Cluster & Optimizers

Revenue and Fill Rate

Revenue and CTR




Floor Price

Floor Price and eCPM


From zero to hero

With no pain and no time

We can Marfeelize any random site in a matter of minutes thanks to:

  • Automatic content transformation from original publisher’s html to an optimized version
  • Elastic infrastructure

Let's Marfeelize the web together

Optimize. Engage. Monetize.

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